The Crimson Order Star Citizen Charter

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Who are we?

The Crimson Order is a collection of adult game enthusiasts that has endured for over 10 years, through multiple games. We are influenced heavily by our many active and prior service members, and as such, have created a very structured and cohesive guild that allows for maximum opportunity for members to advance through their own merits.

The concept of The Crimson Order began in 2003 when several individuals came together with a common vision and direction for a new organization in Star Wars Galaxies. The ideals of member focused leadership; a clear-cut and strong military style structure, open flow of communication, and our core values.

The leaders formed The Crimson Order, which also became known as the 1st Battalion of the 209th Storm trooper Regiment. The Crimson Order quickly grew to prominence on its server, leading several major military campaigns and bringing together one of the largest alliances seen in the game. The SWG branch of TCO closed up shop in 2011 along with the final server shutdowns.

In 2010, The Crimson Order opened a branch in Star Wars The Old Republic. TCO again focused on community building and partnering with other guilds in game. The TOR branch of TCO also became known for its activities in open world PvP.

Other branches of TCO have seen service in the Matrix Online (beta testing), World of Warcraft, EvE Online, Tabula Rasa (beta testing), Age of Conan, and Star Trek Online, Elderscrolls Online, Wildstar, and Archeage. r />

Guild Leaders - TCO Command

  • Caden Graka– Founder
  • Ewel Long - Guild Leader
  • Vaylen Darkstar - Guild Leader

Our Vision

TCO’s vision today builds upon on our past strengths with a focus on providing the best possible experience for our members in the present and into the future. Our vision is to provide focused Leadership, strong organization, open two-way communication, service to our online community, and a fun and supportive environment. The Crimson Order will strive for excellence in all that it does with the aim of becoming a premier multi-game guild.

Strength Of The Crimson Order

We run a Militaristic leadership system and we follow a structured chain of command. Our guild leaders boast years of experience in building guild support for games. We actively work together to keep any drama (if it ever occurs) to a minimum, and if things escalate The Crimson Order's leaders will take appropriate action that is best for the guild and our members. Everyone hates drama and we here at TCO strive to be drama free.

Our Core Values

  • Duty
  • Honor
  • Respect
  • Dignity
  • Courage
  • Innovation
  • Adaptability
  • Maturity
  • Distinction

Applying to The Crimson Order Star Citizen Chapter

Those who are interested in joining The Crimson Order Star Citizen Chapter should first fill out a application on our website, this is a requirement for ALL Crimson Order members. Once you have applied you, received your access credentials, and have logged onto the site, you can send an web message to your chapter leader rustafarii.

Requirements to join The Crimson Order Star Citizen Chapter

  • Applicant MUST complete an application on our website - this is true even if an applicant has been invited to the guild by a chapter leader.
  • Applicant MUST be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicant MUST have Team Speak downloaded and be able to fully communicate.
  • Applicant MUST have read this Charter FULLY prior to joining.

All members will go through a recruitment period of 2 weeks, during which time they may join us on TeamSpeak and get to know the other members of the chapter. Communication is extremely important in today’s gaming world and we have dedicated Team Speak channels for you to use. This is to give us, as well as you (the applicant) an opportunity to see if your membership into The Crimson Order is a good fit or not. Applicants found not to be a good fit will be notified and then denied membership.

Code of Conduct:

Players of TCO are expected to adhere to the rules set forth by Roberts Space Industries and The Crimson Order's Guild leaders. Any player found to be in violation may be counseled, warned, suspended, or removed from the guild depending on the severity of the situation. The members of The Crimson Order have worked very hard to build and maintain a good reputation and alliances with other guilds in multiplayer games. Players who reflect poorly on the guild will be removed from the guild..

No Drama Clause

Any member found to be causing and/or instigating extreme drama within the chapter will be asked to leave. The Chapter Leader or Executive Officer will make the determination of what qualifies as extreme drama, and what does not. In cases of drama being caused by Chapter Leadership, this determination will be made by the Guild.

The Honor Clause

All members of The Star Citizen Chapter are expected to act with honor at all times. At no time will any Chapter member intentionally grief another player either in or out of game. If anyone is unclear on what the definition of griefing is, then simply ask your fellow chapter members for clarification. Examples of griefing include, but are not limited to: pushing AFK players into aggressive mobs, corpse camping, causing other players to unintentionally become killable, training mobs into other players, and anything else that normal players would find distasteful. If any of these things give you pleasure, then you are in the wrong place. Leave! (This does not apply to opposite faction, have fun!) Furthermore our faction members are expected to treat others of the same faction with respect until it becomes apparent that they are a threat and/or begin to act aggressively towards you and/or another Crimson Order member. Use your better judgment! The advancement of the chapter is all-important. Chapter progress equals personal progress. If you are not a team player then stop now and look somewhere else. We expect members to contribute toward the overall progression of this chapter. If you are not contributing, then do not expect the Chapter to contribute back to you. If you don’t feel that you can meet the above expectations, then do yourself a HUGE favor and look elsewhere. We don’t want you!

The Chapter’s responsibility to you the player

The chapter will endeavor to provide you with a quality environment where you can share your enjoyment of Repopulation with like-minded players via online forums and TeamSpeak and through in-game guild support.


This Charter can and WILL change as the chapter grows and matures. The Guild leaders & Chapter leader reserve the right to make changes and rulings to this policy at any time, including on the spot if needed in order to correct loopholes and keep things fair.

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