The Crimson Order

Elder Scrolls Online - Tamriel Unlimited Chapter

Welcome to the Crimson Order's ESO Chapter! We have a thriving chapter in the game supported by a lively members forum and TeamSpeak. New members are always welcome.

ESO Chapter Charter

Prospective members should read our charter at before submitting an application. Our charter sets forth our minimum membership requirements.


The Crimson Order is involved in every aspect of The Elder Scrolls Online. Whether you enjoy solo questing, co-op style play with a friend, or massive PvP campaigns, there is a place for you.  You can get expert advice from experienced members on how to maximize your attribute points; skill points; champion points enchantments; armor, weapon, and jewelry set buffs; and ability morphs to develop extraordinary fighting abilities that will serve you well in PvE and PvP engagements.  And we also have crafters that can help you to have some of the best equipment in the game.

PvE Players can call on guild members to help them complete quests and dungeons and get valuable advice via in-game guild chat or TeamSpeak in real time.

Dungeon Dwellers can team up with guild friends for regular adventuring. Getting to know your team and what their strengths and weaknesses are will make the entire team more formidable and add to the fun of flirting with death. Experienced players can point out what you are doing wrong and help you to improve your skills and gameplay.

Campaigners can enjoy the fruits of being in a military-minded guild. The guild is involved in both short and long Campaigns as a member of the Ebonheart Pact Alliance.  We have crowned Emperors on several occasions and will continue to do so. Using TeamSpeak to coordinate strategy for our guild and in alliance with other guilds, we are able to break down into smaller yet very capable squads that work in concert, using sophisticated tried and tested tactics, The Crimson Order poses a serious threat to its enemies. We eat blueberries (Daggerfall Covenant) and bananas (Aldmeri Dominion) for breakfast!

There are many things that we can do together, a lot of things where the guild can support individual members, and lots of resources to share with members.  Here are some of the things that you will want to use to maximize your gaming experience.

Web Site Forums

We have an online forum for our chapter at Every member is encouraged to visit our forum, read information posted there, and post information. Please start with "The Campfire" - stop in there and introduce yourself, offer up some feedback on the game, or tell us what you think about the guild's activities.   Forums are structured so that each chapter has its own set of forums, and the over-arching guild has forums for matters that concern all members. You can jump to the forums using the 'Forums' link in the top bar menu to gain access to all forums, or using the 'ESO Forums' link in the Elder Scrolls Online sidebar on the left to just display the ESO Forums. Feel free to browse any other chapter's forums.

Event Calendar

Each chapter has its own event calendar. Check this regularly to see what events are upcoming. These may be events within the game, or they may be meetings in TeamSpeak.


We have our own TeamSpeak server. You can click on the TS3 icon in the bottom right corner of the website to open the TeamSpeak module, and then click on the header of that module to open TeamSpeak using our server address (this requires TeamSpeak to be installed). We use TeamSpeak for in-game group communications. If we haven't set you up to use TeamSpeak, please contact either Zen or LuxanQualta in-game to get set-up with permissions to use the ESO channels in TCO's TeamSpeak. 


We have several in-game addons. In the ESO sidebar menu, click on 'ESO Member Info' for an explanation of what they are and for download links and installation instructions. It is highly recommended that you install CrimsonOrderAO since that captures data about your characters which can be uploaded to and displayed on the website. It also provides some other features that our members find extremely  useful.

You will also see an addon named 'Exterminatus Group Leader'. This was developed bymembers of the Exterminatus guild, and the authors have since abandoned maintaining it, and so we took up maintenance of it for the benefit of our members. This addon adds a couple of elasticated arrows to your reticle, telling you which way to turn to find your group leader. Being in the center of the screen, this is more useful than lokking for the crown on the compass (which may not even be visible). This is a great addon whenever you are in a group, especially in PvP when things can get very hectic.


This is the Crimson Order Desktop Application, a Windows Application that all members are expected to use. This is available from the 'Account' sidebar menu in the right hand column. Click on the link to fill out a form to enable/disable a CODA account and set/change a password (this should be different from your website password for security reasons). Then download and unzip the installer and run it, and CODA will be installed on your desktop.

CODA can be used to install the two addons or update them to the latest version, simplifying the process. When you log out of ESO or change characters, you can use CODA to upload the data to the database so your characters can be displayed for all to see. You can also use CODA to display the current days events and your crafting research timers.

Guild Banks

We have three guild banks in-game. If you are not a member of all three banks and need access to one, contact LuxanQualta in-game. The banks are:

* Crimson Order -- consumable items
* COSTCO -- crafting items
* TCO Armory -- VR outfitting and PvP items

All members are welcome to use all of our banks. We ask that you use only what you need, never take more than half of an item, and contribute when you have excess materials or gear. 

Awards Program

We have an active awards program. You can see all of the awards that the guild gives at

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