World of Warcraft Charter

The TCO WoW chapter is focused on providing its players with a well balanced experience in both PVP and PVE! The goal for PVE is focused on all end game (heroic and Mythic) content and strive to get the full WoW experience, but also to have fun while doing it!

All members are expected to be respectful of guild mates and all other players in game. There is to be no trolling in trade chat or any other chat as you are representing our guild. Please help providing the guild with anything for raiding or PVP, such as flasks and food, or other things like crafted gear. No shenanigans during guild meetings respect the individual no talking when others are let the people have the floor, no weird noises/adult humor there is a time and a place.

PVE Expectations
All members that plan on raiding need to have Deadly Boss Mods. On raid nights please show up 15mins before raid and be prepared with your buff food, flasks and/or bonus roll tokens. All members are expected, once raid teams are finalized, to know your role for each fight and to do the necessary research to be ready for raids. If you cannot attend any raid, please let your raid leader know at least 24hrs prior to raid so that your place can be filled. During raids TeamSpeak is to be quiet during all boss fights unless to call out.

PVP Expectations
All members that intend on doing Rated BGs need to have access to a mic for call outs. As with the raids if you cannot make an RBG please give the PVP leader at least 24hrs notice and be in TeamSpeak 10mins before start.

Guild Bank
Any mats that players can contribute to the GB is appreciated and will go towards making food and flasks for raids or to help other members level their professions. Dungeon challenges need to be done every week for the gold to keep guild repairs available.

World Time
Hawaii Pacific Mountain Central Eastern London Rome Delhi, India Singapore and Perth, Australia Brisbane, Australia Sydney, Australia Seoul/Tokyo Guam
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